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time wishing to strengthen and toughen our feet.
We would tie a buckskin band around our heads
to keep our long hair out of our faces,, and pull off
everything but our breech-cloth, and we ran with
our hands down at our hips. It was undignified
and a sign of weakness to bend the elbows and run
with the hands seesawing back and forth across
our chests. After our races we always plunged
into the cold river for a swim,

The first thing we youngsters did whenever we
stopped for our days of sports was to take our
ponies and go out on the prairies and look for a
big okotoks-—stone. We would take the largest
stone we could find in the prairie country and
throw our larlots around it and drag It back Into
camp with our ponies. Then we would place it
on the ground beside a red peg, and see who could
carry It the farthest. We each had a little stake
painted in such a way that we could Identify It,
and wherever we dropped the big stone we would
drive this little stake into the ground* Then four
or five of us would roll the big stone back to the
red stake, and the other fellows would have a go
at it. Many times we spent whole days trying
to beat our own marks and those of the other

Abstinence from over-eating and over-Indul-
gence In physical comforts was very rigidly
enforced on us by our parents, whose sole aim